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Blank RFID Cards Make Access Management More Convenient and More Efficient

IC card often appears in people’s daily life, and its development has experienced several stages, including contact-type memory card, encryption card, and now it is on the way towards contactless blank RFID card direction. Wireless blank RFID cards use radio frequency technology to achieve communication between RFID card and reader. So this sort of products can also be used in identity control, burglar alarm, electronic anti-counterfeiting tags and other fields except for access management applications. In order to cater for the huge market demand for blank RFID cards, DAILY RFID, whose mission is to develop and manufacture technical RFID technology products, has newly launched a series of RFID cards with low cost and excellent performance.

For example, irregular blank RFID card is designed with a hole or without a hole in the middle and works on the frequency of 13.56MHz. Laminated with PVC/ PET/ 3M Glue material, this card waterproof, dustproof and resistant to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil. For another instance, RFID key fob card enables automatic check-in or check-out procedures for access management applications, while capturing the info in real time. Furthermore, blank RFID cards are also available at low frequency (125KHz) and Ultra-High Frequency (860MHz~960MHz), which makes them not only suitable for short range identification but also perfect for long distance access control applications (such as automated vehicle entering and exiting in parking lots).

Compared with traditional recognition products (like bar code or magcard), blank RFID cards have several obvious advantages, including long reading distance, non-contact, large storage capacity, fast information processing speed and so on. Nowadays, blank RFID cards have been widely used in a wide range of access control applications, such as offices, hospitals and hotels, etc. Additionally, adopting the advanced RFID technology, these cards contain chips that transmit data long-range to host a system for asset tracking, customer loyalty management and more.


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