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Dual frequency Card

2017-2-14 17:43:08  Posted by admin

Dual frequency Card smart card,contact IC card The cards are combination (combi cards) in UHF-HF, UHF-LF, HF-LF, with HF inlay being complaint with NFC applications. UHF+HF dual frequency cards are becoming increasingly popular in loyalty and payment schemes that also want to track time &am...

rfid tag

2017-2-10 16:39:23  Posted by admin

RFID standards help ensure that RFID products are interoperable, regardless of the vendor or user. They also provide guidelines by which companies can develop complementary products, such as different types ofrfid tags, readers, software, and accessories. Additionally, standards help broaden markets...

UHF metal tag

2017-2-8 17:18:33  Posted by admin

Mini UHF metal tags are designed and developed by OPRFID. We are special developed the smallest UHF metal tag as Diameter D10mm, ourmini uhf metal taghave very good communication distance. These mini PCB UHF metal tags are designed for warehousing, asset tracking etc. Tag Material:PCB (FR4/...

rfid wristband

2017-1-20 11:50:16  Posted by admin

RFID wristband with sensing the matched set Preparation, as agreed in the agreement, to achieve Intelligent identification, tracking and management. RFID wristband as identity wrist band, can be widely used in medical management, ticket management,Places of recreation, outdoor activities. RFID Si...

rfid woven wristband

2017-1-19 11:21:53  Posted by admin offers RFID labels for all different kinds of items that libraries have, such as books and CD/DVDs. In addition to normal RFID-labels there are also so called Booster-tags availble for CDs and DVDs. These are bigger and have better performance. The materials used in these RFID- tags ar...

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