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rfid woven wristband      2017-1-19 11:21:53      From:Cardenjoy Technical      Hit: offers RFID labels for all different kinds of items that libraries have, such as books and CD/DVDs. In addition to normal RFID-labels there are also so called Booster-tags availble for CDs and DVDs. These are bigger and have better performance. The materials used in these RFID- tags are very high quality and with rigorous quality assurance in manufacturing, a very long life and proper operation in library environment is assured.

An RFID label consists of an aluminium antenna and a very small microchip attached to the antenna. For protection of the antenna and microchip there is a paper or plastic (PP) face material. On the back side of the label there is an adhesive layer that holds the label on an item. This adhesive is stable and there is no risk of its leakage over the edges of the tag, even for a very long period of time. Naturally all materials used meet modern environmental requirements.

Labels meet the requirements of ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 standards and work in the 13.56 MHz frequency that is commonly used in library environment. RFID labels are also fully compliant with most common library data models. Labels are available with colour printing, and it is also possible to print barcodes on the surface, with running ID numbers.

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