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If you're looking for polyester woven wristbands or security and event wristbands then call OPRFID today. We specialise in the affordable production of quality woven security wristbands. Custom made woven wristbands obtain a unique security advantage over any other traditional type of wristband in the fact that they are impossible to copy or reproduce without large scale weaving machines. Combine this with a one-time use security clasp and you have a unique form of ID for any concert, event or entry point that needs to quickly confirm patron validity. Woven wristbands are tough, and can last weeks in all types of conditions. Wether is hot, cold, humid or submerged under water. Our wristbands are made to last, and are instantly and easily recognisable from a distance. With up to 6 different thread colours available for your design and a fine resolution, we have the capability of weaving readable text down to 2mm in height. If you need further information or free samples, please don't hesitate to contact us.
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