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RFID wristband with sensing the matched set Preparation, as agreed in the agreement, to achieve Intelligent identification, tracking and management. RFID wristband as identity wrist band, can be widely used in medical management, ticket management,Places of recreation, outdoor activities.

RFID Silicone wristband
RFID Silicone wristbands will give you the ultimate in wristband security.
The Radio-Frequency chips embedded in the wristbands allows identity verification and cashless transactions. Frequency of Chips covering 125KHZ,13.56MHZ,860-960MHZ.
Making your own wristbands by simply printing your custom logo.

RFID Waterpark Wristband
Material-Silicone totally water-proof,they are ideal for events, zone access management, large venues such as theme parks, clubs and fitness centers.
To make your RFID Silicone wristbands unique,Xinyetong is here for help.

RFID Event Wristbands
Use our Event Wristbands section as a resource guide to find the ideal wristband for your event or organization.
RFID wristbands can contain a great amount of information that could serve in place of getting hands stamped or the neon paper bands.
Large venues may wish to make the wristbands serve as entry or admittance tickets.
It can store age, identity, electronic payment and for large events with multiple show rooms or events going on at once, which event the customer is attending.
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