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Mini UHF metal tags are designed and developed by OPRFID. We are special developed the smallest UHF metal tag as Diameter D10mm, our mini uhf metal tag have very good communication distance. These mini PCB UHF metal tags are designed for warehousing, asset tracking etc.

Tag Material: PCB (FR4/Glass epoxy Layer)
Antenna Material: Glod + copper
Frequency: 860Mhz-960Mhz
Protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
RFID Chip: IMPINJ M4, or other
Memory: 96 Bit EPC /512 Bit User
Work Temperature: -20íŠ to +140íŠ
Storage Temperature: -30íŠ to +160íŠ
Personalization: Print LOGO, serial number etc
Protection: IP68
Other: RoHS
Mounting: with 3M Glue or hole metal surface
Application :
Warehouse,Logistics managementúČIT asset managementúČInventory managementúČAssets managementúČAutomotive component trackingúČIndustrial manufacturing

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