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Dual frequency Card  smart cardcontact IC card

The cards are combination (combi cards) in UHF-HF, UHF-LF, HF-LF, with HF inlay being complaint with NFC applications.

UHF+HF dual frequency cards are becoming increasingly popular in loyalty and payment schemes that also want to track time & attendance and location of customer. These hybrid cards generally have the UHF chip placed separately above or the side of the UHF chip to ensure there is no interference.

UHF+LF dual frequency cards are used in specialized situations where simple access control is required alongside personnel tracking. LF+UHF twin cards are generally accomplished with the LF antenna running above or beside the UHF antenna.

HF+LF dual frequency cards smart cardcontact IC card are the most common used than other two combi cards in our life. They have an LF antenna laminated around the outside of the card with a thick coil LF antenna contained within. Legacy LF systems like HID proximity are often replaced by higher security HF implementations that still require usage of the original LF chip while all sites convert to the newer HF standard.

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