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NFC NTAG203 card

2016-7-12 16:52:47  Posted by admin

The new low-orbiting satellites can track particular microchips. It was utilized to track military staff in the Iraq war and it is envisaged that this chip will eventually be used for life-long identification of human beings. Treat math as component of their daily life - Math has sensible utilizes ...

What is Mifare?

2016-7-7 11:31:43  Posted by Enjoyrfid

What is Mifare? Mifare is a 13.56 MHz contactless technology owned by Philips. It complies with ISO14443A - the industry standard for contactless smart cards. Mifare cards are powered by an internal antenna as the card moves into a magnetic field. Mifare has proven popular as the card to use in tic...

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