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Mifare RFID Card Provide Fire-new Method to Implement Access Control and Personal Identification

With the popularity of RFID technology, mifare RFID cards have obvious advantages, such as large capacity, multi-applications, high security, etc. As the leading RFID company who is committed to manufacturing RFID products, cardenjoy.com, has released a series of mifare RFID cards to enhance the RFID applications, such as access control, attendance, payment, personal identification, etc. Designed for high frequency, these mifare RFID cards can provide fire-new method to RFID fields, especially in personal identification and access control.

Working as the Mifare RFID products, these mifare RFID cards can operate in 13.56MHz. Certainly, with rapid development of RFID technology, some Mifare RFID Card Tags could be customized for various chips, colors and printing. Compliant with ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 standard, Mifare RFID Card Tags give full play to more highlights in access control. And thanks to the unique ID, each Mifare RFID Key Card can be considered the credential to ensure the security. Capturing the real-time information, new generation Mifare RFID Card Tags enable automatic check-in or check-out procedures for access control fields, such as hospitals, shared residences, shops, hotels, office, etc. Supporting the read range of up to 12cm and compliant with Waterproof IP 68, Mifare RFID Card Tags have stable performance for a long time and provide cost-effective solutions for RFID users to implement personal identification and access management.

Besides, as the contactless products, cardenjoy’s Mifare RFID Card Tags have been broadly and triumphantly utilized for various RFID access control fields, including meeting registration system, shared residences, hospitals, government offices, employee attendance and so on. In student apartment system, for instance, Mifare RFID Card Tags make apartment department managers inquire the info of student accommodation conveniently and quickly. And these Mifare RFID Card Tags also help managers master access information of person in and out of the apartments. Briefly, the high-tech Mifare RFID Card Tags achieve many targets concerning access control and security, which really demonstrates the high values and increases the customers’ experience to modern high level RFID technology.


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