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Mar,12th,2015 ; Post by Cardenjoy.com

      The id card rfid card can be printed with your own company logo,and it also can  be designed as other types .The  rfid card can be combined with a magnetic strip, and we also can set a signature field on the card .Besides, there is a contact chip or an inductive system on the card.
      To use the cards in the cash card system, they must also be more fundamental encoded via the cash card encoding station. At the same time, each card is individually tested for function.
      Modern RFID cards offer a high safety standard. you can specify as an editor who can read or change your card information. At the same time, numerous types of chips on the market that no longer guarantee this security.
Signature Card is now introducing our latest offering, RFID cards, customized to your specific application. In this card technology we support re-sellers, system integrators and POS system providers with printed or activated cards for a variety of technologies.
Products available:
Mifare Card – Cards with chip and antenna
High Frequency 13.56 MHz Proximity Card – Cards with chip and antenna
125 KHz devices in addition to 13.56 MHz contactless card
UHF RFID Card – Card with chip and Antenna
Ulta high frequency range of 860- 960 MHz
These cards can be used in a variety of applications: Employee access, parking access, ID cards, healthcare workers access, ski slope access, sports venues, schools, gaming , visitor access, hospitality access, cruise lines.
Terms and definitions:
RFID Cards
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object or a person wirelessly, using radio waves . A RFID system consists of an antenna and a transceiver, which read the radio frequency and transfer the information to a processing device, and a transponder, or tag, which is an integrated circuit on the plastic smart card containing the radio frequency circuitry and information to be transmitted.
Contactless Smart Cards
A contactless smart card is a plastic identification card containing electric memory, and in some cases, an embedded integrated circuit (for RFID models). They are sometimes called: “smart ID cards” or “RFID cards” depending on the smart card vendor. More security conscious businesses (like the medical profession and technology companies) are using the benefits and advantages of smart cards to ensure the identity and location of employees every year.
Proximity Cards
A proximity card can be designed to allow access to whatever area deemed necessary. Each card will have its own unique built in authorization code for distinct areas. When an employee or team member approaches an access area they will have to scan their card. If their card is programmed for access they will be permitted to enter, if not they will be denied. This is referred to as “physical access control’. Proximity cards may also be utilized for “logical access control”. This simply means that they provide access to computer systems.

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