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What RFID Needs Right Now

Mar,13th,2015 ; Post by Cardenjoy.com

      Because Smart cards the new decade dawns, what RFID needs most now, say logistics experts and industry watchers, is good for the vendors playing to express tips and lessons learned, and in some cases consolidate their companies' efforts.
      The market is within desperate demand for consolidation,u201D writes Dennis Gaughan, a VP at AMR Research, in a 2009 RFID report. u201CSome bigger vendors could help and roll up many of the key enabling technologies, as well as some with the key service providers. But since the majority businesses that have purchased RFID are still around the 'pilot treadmill,' there isn't enough revenue opportunity to make a compelling business case for your big vendors to speculate.Per cent u201D
      A final bright location for RFID deployments,that could aid RFID's growth in the next decade, would be that the business discourse surrounding the topic is different u2013from a u201Ctechnology that's hunting for a problem u201D conversation to some more strategic and ROI-focused exercise,say RFID experts.

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