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Java card

Nov,21th,2015 ; Post by Cardenjoy.com

      Java card id card technology makes it possible to encode smart cards to handle personal information like private keys, passwords, medical emergency information, and much more. A number of the ways in which these details are personalized and carried are: cards, ATM cards, loyalty cards, digital purses and wallets, health cards, citizen IDs, so when secure digital signatures.
      Java Card technology is designed to provide portability and the reassurance of low resource environments. This technology allows Java applets -the actual Java code, focused on embedded devices - to operate securely of many smart cards and small memory footprint devices. With Java Card, an individual can program the product and earn it application specific. The Java Card Programme was initially released in 1996, by Sun Microsystems, and also since then, it may be the top technology for multi-application smart cards deeply in love with over 3 billion smart devices, globally.
      Now, NFC CARD with new contactless Java Card products, developers are able to generate new waves of smart card applications which will take advantage of Java Card's hallmarks: secure, market-proven multi-application technology. Worldwide, government programmes for citizen identification and ePassports are released with contactless Java technology.

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