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Benefits and standards

Nov,23th,2015 ; Post by Cardenjoy.com

      Like proximity card any technology, the more RFID is used, the more valuable it becomes. In an open supply chain environment, RFID can play a major role in tightening inventory and shipping logistics along the entire chain. Because tags can store item-level information - from site and date of manufacture to stock keeping unit (SKU) to transportation and logistics information - every item carries a complete, individual history of its journey from manufacture (or harvest) to sale. Taking it a step further, tags can have sensors built in to log moisture, temperature and other parameters over the course of their journey. And because of the robustness of  tags and the accuracy and ease of reading them, items can be scanned in bulk, while goods are still in boxes, greatly improving inventory awareness and timing. Security is also a plus, says Lalla. "The FDA is having problems with counterfeit pharmaceuticals. RFID tags can have encryption built in - an easy way to fi nd the fakes. And if you're looking for a needle in a haystack, try high frequency RFID. Think libraries and music stores.
A sticking point for any technology is the development of universal standards. We now have standards for many facets of RFID, including nearfield communication for payment cards and many industrial applications. Although RFID is currently used to track goods in open supply chains, however, there are still various standards at play. The RFID ecosystem has not yet undergone a VHS/Betamax-style battle royale, but the International Standards Organization (ISO) is taking a leading role in developing conclusive, comprehensive RFID standards across the board.

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