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RFID standards

Nov,24th,2015 ; Post by Cardenjoy.com

      Currently, chip card there are two international authority on RFID tag standard research institutions, representing the RFID tag standards development. One is the 199-year founded and headquartered in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) AutoIDCenter (Automatic In Center), and the other is ubiquitous in Japan 203 ID Center was established in March of (UbiquitousIDCenter Ubiquitous ID Center). The launch of these two centers of standardized specifications there are some differences. For example, in "Auto ID Center" in the specification, to the code 96 as described in the IC tag contained in the data, and "ubiquitous ID center" is a 128-bit code. "Auto ID Center" to explore the use of the Internet as a precondition IC tag mechanism, and "ubiquitous ID Center" consider using IC tag without connection to the Internet. Currently two centers have developed their own infrastructure. AutoIDCenter is proposed architecture consists of 96 ePC ID is known, the management server ID information of PML and PML server retrieves the location ONS (Object Name Server) servers. ubiquitousIDcenter T an engine of the application-oriented technology. Including 128 ID and called E for (Entity Transfer Protocol) is dedicated protocols. Further comprising means for searching IC tags and server location address resolution server (ARS). Standards are not uniform is an important factor restricting RFID can be widely used.

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