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Gift card

Nov,25th,2015 ; Post by Cardenjoy.com

     You've proximity card probably heard of, received or gave a gift card (gift card).
These are gift cards with values ​​that may vary according to the prices on the establishment, and that are purchased for gifting someone - leaving you free to choose articles that shop up to the amount stipulated on the card presented.
     The Gift Card is one of the smartest ways to increase movement (know one buyer who came out of his store and took nothing because he felt insecure or uncertain about the choice of this?) And attract new customers (as presented with the the card when it comes in the store, automatically becomes a potential customer).
     Can Mifare card be printed on the card of your company's logo, background images, variable data, bar codes and control, etc.
Made of PVC 54mm x 86mm in size (same as a normal credit card), the Gift Card is an action that has everything to increase the movement of your store - at any time of year. Want an example? 're Coming to Easter and Mother's Day is not it? You can make your cards with the theme of time and thus give a special touch differentiating further in their actions!
The gift cards can be registered on your system - with the value of the card: it means you can keep track of card usage and the customer can use it more than once.
     There are many advantages: radical decrease in "commodity exchanges", because who will choose the gift is presented itself. Real revenue growth because solves the problem of "undecided customers," among others.
Do not waste time: his shop (of any size) may already have a card exclusive gift.

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