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UK’s RFID Usage

Nov,29th,2015 ; Post by Cardenjoy.com

      UK’s id card three largest mobile network operators — Vodafone, Telefónica and Everything Everywhere — have been given an unconditional approval by the European Commission, to form a joint venture company, in order to introduce NFC mobile payments and promotional services in the UK.
       “Mobile commerce is a nascent sector that may radically change the consumer buying experience in the next few years,” says Joaquín Almunia, commission vice president in charge of competition policy. “The proposed joint venture is one of several initiatives to develop the sector in Europe,” he added. “The Commission is keen on promoting innovation in this area and ensuring that the markets remain open so that a number of competing solutions can emerge without undue obstacles, to the benefit of consumers.”
       “The Commission’s preliminary market investigation revealed that a number of alternatives already exist and much more are very likely to emerge in the near future to ensure adequate competitive pressure on the joint venture’s mobile wallet platform,” the Commission explains. “Some of these alternatives may rely on a secure access to the SIM card of the mobile handsets in order to store sensitive data like bank account numbers, etc. This access will be controlled by the mobile network operators, including in particular the three parents of the joint venture.”
       “However, other alternatives exist which do not store sensitive data on SIM cards and it is unlikely that the creation of the joint venture will allow the parent mobile network operators to block these alternative routes to market using technical or commercial means.
       “As regards the joint venture’s advertising and data analytics activities, the market investigation revealed that there will be various other players who have access to a comparable set of data and who will offer services in competition with the joint venture.”
       The three mobile network operators have issued a joint statement, officially welcoming the EU’s unconditional approval of their plans.

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