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Fruit RFID Label

Dec,8th,2015 ; Post by Cardenjoy.com

     US researchers chip card have built an ethylene detecting sensor, which reduces food waste in the supply chain, with the help of RFID tag. The sensor is embedded with an RFID chip, making it possible to communicate wireless with a handheld device that would display ethylene levels. The usual level required for fruit ripening is between 0.1 and 1 PPM, and the sensor can detect concentrations of ethylene as low as 0.5 PPM, making it suitable for warehouse use. The inventor of the patented device, Timothy Swager said, although some markets also used sensors, they cost more. Besides, a number of shipping businesses said the technology sometimes just didn’t work as well as advertised. “I started work in this field about 5 years ago heavily on ethylene methods but they weren’t sensitive enough so it was all about building it up. RFID tags were always part of the motivation.” “It will minimize spoilage and manage the distribution chain to ensure that food is not over ripe or under ripe.” As for the price, it could be as low as 25 cents for the carbon nanotube sensor plus 75 cents for the RFID chip, added Swager. “We hope to make it so inexpensive that there can be systems in every refrigerator to help the ethylene levels down or letting you know when the fruit is ripe.” “Contactless mobile payments are a secure and convenient alternative to cash and cards and we are pleased to be the first network brand in the UK to offer its customers such an innovative service.” Tom Gregory, head of Digital Payments at Barclaycard, added, “Barclaycard is committed to making paying for things faster, safer and easier. With the launch of Quicktap payments on the Samsung Galaxy S3, Barclaycard is bringing a safe and secure new way to pay to customers of all UK banks.” “Mobile payments are safe and have a full fraud guarantee and we’ve seen ever growing numbers of people using contactless to make quick and secure payments of up to £20.”

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