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RFID High Frequency blo

2017-1-18 16:21:10  Posted by admin

Nowadays ,RFID used widely in storing the information with the bank cards , credentials and so on , People can read the cardí»s information from NFC phone or other readers without your permission when he is beside your body ,but luckily ,our RFID blocked cards can stop this situation happened ,...

RFID Tie tag

2017-1-17 17:34:58  Posted by admin

The RFID Tie tag is special cable structure making it easy to install. Additional encapsulation technology enables it to be operated in dust, water and in a wide range of temperature environments. Our Custom reusable cable tag rfid tie tag is made from nylon or PVC, optional in different co...

smart reader

2017-1-14 10:37:51  Posted by admin

As the most flexible auto-identification technology, Radio Frequency Identification can be used to track and monitor the physical world automatically and with accuracy. Radio Frequency Identification can tell you what an object is, where it is, and even its condition, which is why it is integral to...

rfid woven wristband

2017-1-12 15:37:13  Posted by admin

The tags inRFID wristbandscan either be personalised with someone's profile (e.g. data is held directly on the chip itself) or they can be used as an access 'key' to a secure database of personal data. ID&C is the UK company behind the wristbands at many major festivals including Isle o...

RFID Fabric Wristbands

2017-1-11 17:42:30  Posted by admin

RFID fabric wristbandsare also calledRFID woven wristbands, and combine radio frequency technology and the convenience of wristbands. Woven wristbands are divided into LF(125KHz) RFID woven wristbands, HF(13.56MHz) RFID woven wristbands and UHF(915MHz) RFID woven wrist bands. is an exce...

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