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plastic vip card

2016-7-18 17:47:46  Posted by admin

The VIP card enables the holder to benefit from deals while offering. Plastic VIP cards are used by many businesses all over the world, most often by Spas, cosmetic salons and clinics where services are availed quite frequently. The main purpose behind a plastic VIP card is to draw customer...

Hotel key access cards

2016-7-15 16:08:28  Posted by admin

Hotel key access cards custom appearance and exceptional durability makes them a fantastic decision for the quality conscience hotel. Moreover, overturn side can be obtained with various specific instructions for operating the countless popular electronic locking systems which might be currently ...

smart card

2016-7-13 17:43:47  Posted by admin

Smart card development is very popular today. A brilliant card is nearly like a mini computer, and requires smart card programming to function smoothly. Almost each of us should have seen a brilliant card that functions like a mini computer but is different from it in this regard that it's withou...

NFC NTAG203 card

2016-7-12 16:52:47  Posted by admin

The new low-orbiting satellites can track particular microchips. It was utilized to track military staff in the Iraq war and it is envisaged that this chip will eventually be used for life-long identification of human beings. Treat math as component of their daily life - Math has sensible utilizes ...

What is Mifare?

2016-7-7 11:31:43  Posted by Enjoyrfid

What is Mifare? Mifare is a 13.56 MHz contactless technology owned by Philips. It complies with ISO14443A - the industry standard for contactless smart cards. Mifare cards are powered by an internal antenna as the card moves into a magnetic field. Mifare has proven popular as the card to use in tic...

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